McCallum Folkpipes (Blackwood with Nickel Alloy & Mopane Wood Mounts)

Category: Small Bagpipes

**preorder for end of august**

Our range of Folk pipes come standard with, 
Bagpiper piper case
Black silk cords
Black Pipe bag cover 
Canmore synthetic bag 
Shaw chanter reed
Ezeedrone Drone reeds

McCallum Folkpipes are designed to play with other instruments in indoor sessions or performances. Or just to enjoy as an alternative to smallpipes or electronic pipes. Folkpipes are in the Key of 'A' so they accompany all other musicians very easily and are played exactly the same way as the great highland pipes. Folkpipes come completely set up and ready to play with a synthetic pipe bag, moisture control system, bag cover, pipe cords and reeds. Engraved mounts available in all McCallum Engraved Styles (see McCallum Bagpipes range)

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